Bougie sleutel "SERVICE KEY", 16 mm, lengte 270 mm 2426459 Sleutel reparatie tools hand

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Toets kaars "service Key", 16mm, lengte 270mm 2426459

Specificaties Afmeting mm 16 Key type (tools) Kaars

Het type sleutel (gereedschap) KaarsAfmeting mm 16Merknaam СЕРВИС КЛЮЧOorsprong CN(Oorsprong)

Tags: 18 universele sleutel, kast handgereedschap, Riem Sleutel, gereedschap sleutel univeral, hazet momentsleutel, toets pijp, plug wrench, 16mm bougie sleutel, tiger wrench tool, torsie-momentsleutel.

Jossa Skate 2021-01-11

It was supposed to be on January 11, 2021. On the candle 16 Size fits, inside the elastic band on the second side hole under,, thermal,,

Anisyashepovalova1974 2021-02-03

Qualitatively! Fast! I recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrewmag8888 2021-01-17


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