Hart Vorm Epoxy UV-Hars Schimmel Pixel Hou van DIY Handgemaakte Hanger Siliconen Mallen Voor het maken van Sieraden Tools voor het Maken van Mallen

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€4.90 €3.04

Materiaal: Siliconen

Kleur: Wit


Stijl 1:totale lengte 15.4 * breedte 9.7 * dikte 1,4 cm

Stijl 2: totale lengte 19.5 * breedte van 17,5 * dikte 1,4 cm

Materiaal SiliconeSieraden Gereedschap & Materiaal Type Schimmels

Tags: kind fakkel, sillicone mallen taart, hars bat schimmel, silicone vorm tegel, schimmel silikon, nail transfer, schimmel, hart schimmel silicium, craft schimmel, glas uv-hars.

Vladfrankevich 2020-09-27

I arrive very fast and in perfect condition.

Kfindley 2020-10-31

10 out of 10 arrived in 20 days

Lusiansk 2020-12-14

Delivery in advance. Shiny and soft mould. I expected them to die a little more deep.. But I like it.

Hassan Jamjamal 2020-11-23

Excellent goods the mold is a little large but it meets the purpose the product was purchased very fast delivery was a fun experience

Tanya Goroh 2020-11-23

Excellent goods deep mold giving space for layers. Shipping is very fast the product was purchased in record time. Fun experience.

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